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Test driving.

The pretty girl and the stoner both test drove a Toyota Sienna today. Crazy to think that three years ago, I was driving a Ford Escape and J was driving a Toyota Camry. Both cars have since changed and are about to change again with the addition of two more car seats arriving in December! Wild.

Little laughs.

These two conversations just happened less than two minutes apart:

Me: “Hey guys! Guess who is going to be at school tomorrow?”
Both: “Whoooooo?!”
Me: “The girls and the boys.”
Roose: “The girls AND the boys!! Together??”
Me: “Yep!”
Monkey: “Ohhhh yeah baby!”

Monkey: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
Roose: “Yep!”
Monkey: “Ok. Then let’s go!”
(They go running into their room)
Roose: “Now what?”
Monkey: “I asked you if you were thinking what I was thinking.”
Roose: “I know. What is it?”
Monkey: “You tell me.”
Roose: “I don’t know.”
Monkey: “Well this isn’t going well at all.”

Reason #2.5

The boys started Pre-K and Kindergarten on Thursday. Wednesday night after tucking them into bed, J and I took turns like we always do saying “I love you” and special somethings individually to Monkey and Roose.

J and I both pray for the boys. Each in our own way, privately. I’ve thought many times about asking J if we could pray for them (and us) together. J took this opportunity on the eve of their first days of school to pray over both of them. Individually. Out loud. Holding their hands.

I don’t know that in that moment, if I have ever loved him more.

“You’ll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent. Prayer is your highest privilege as a parent. …Prayer turns ordinary parents into prophets who shape the destinies of their children, grandchildren, and every generation that follows. …Your prayers for your children are the greatest legacy you can leave.”

22 weeks & parent orientation.

Two doctors appointments today. One we had at 9 am with the Perinatologist and the other is in about an hour with my regular OB.

Both twin GIRLS are growing well. Baby Girl A weighs in at 1lb 3oz and Baby Girl B weighs in at 1lb 2oz. Baby A no longer has the little cyst they noticed on the first ultrasounds. Baby B still has the cyst but as the doctor said, it’s still early for them to disappear but he expects that to be gone in the next few weeks!

Baby A has her butt on Baby B’s head and their backs are touching. Ha! Makes sense where I’m feeling movement these days. A is below my belly button kicks and B is above the belly button kicks. Very thankful.

We also ran by Roose’s school for Pre-K parent orientation and got all the goodies he needs for his first day on Thursday. Going to the doctor appointment at 1:15 and then going out to Monkey’s school to meet his Kindergarten teacher and drop off supplies.

See?!?! We’re managing 4 kids in one day already!

I cannot brain today.

The screens and windows in our house are separate and the screens have an extra piece of glass over them (I didn’t know about the extra glass). J comes home from work and notices that the windows are open, but not the screens. Soooo no breeze coming through at all except for the doors being open. This leads to lots of giggles as well as this convo as he’s walking through the house actually opening all the screens:
J: “That one wasn’t open either. Hmmm. Is our bathroom window open?”
Me: “I don’t know. Is it??!”

This is AFTER I had mentioned that there are now 15 Saturdays until the babies are here and I said, “That’s like two weeks of Saturdays! So soon!!” To which he replied, “The saying is “A month of Sundays”. That means a long time. Silly girl, don’t make it any shorter than it already is.”

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